Setting the Stage – Pet Shop (September 2015)

It’s time to create the We Care Pet Shop! The download matrix provides you with a pdf and jpg of the theme art that you can use to help decorate your space. In addition, we created a few environmental images that may add some fun to your walls or bulletin boards. Look for all those resources under the Monthly Visuals tab.

As you decorate your We Care Pet Shop, think of things that you would normally find in a pet shop. A quick trip to a dollar store or Walmart will find many items to decorate your halls. Think of easy to find things like dog bowls, fish bowls, dog toys… you get the picture. Incorporate the colors from the theme art to decorate doors and walls. How about pictures of different kinds of pets on each classroom door? Or, borrow your neighbor’s cat tree and populate it with stuffed cats. Don’t forget our stuffed animal friends. They are an easy substitute for the real thing and a preschool favorite.

In fact, we’ve incorporated a BRING YOUR PET TO CHURCH DAY for week 2 where everyone is encouraged to bring their stuffed pet. Don’t forget to send home the parent note on week one so everyone remembers his stuffed pet.

Have fun and make your space scream “Pet Shop!”

We’ve pinned addition environmental possibilities on our Pet Shop Pinterest board at . Be sure to hop over there and check those out!

We can’t wait to see what you do! Email us at or post pictures to our Facebook page so we can share your awesome ideas.

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