Setting the Stage: Camp Splish Splash – Part 2 (July 2015)

Are you having a blast with the Camp Splish Splash theme? We have LOVE LOVE LOVED watching the pictures on both our Facebook Page and on Instagram (search #campsplishsplash). It’s been so much fun to watch the kids get excited about this awesome theme.

Since July continues the Camp Splish Splash theme, there isn’t much to do to your environments for July. You might need to re-inflate a few inflatables and perhaps replace some of those pool noodles, but otherwise you’re set! (See how we made it easier in the summer when you’re shorter on volunteers.)

As you finish up Camp Splish Splash, don’t forget the awesome resources we have in the OrangeStore to help your preschoolers remember camp long after it is over.

We still have both tattoos and beach balls available.

DSC_4220 Camp Splish Splash Beach Ball




Have fun at Camp Splish Splash!

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