Setting the Stage: Camp Splish Splash – Part 1 (June 2015)

It’s time for Camp Splish Splash!!!

Are you so excited? We are! We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for this summer’s theme!

Your host for both June and July will be a camp counselor at Camp Splish Splash. We’ve provided a Camp Splish Splash logo for you so you can get t-shirts made for your host, your Small Group Leaders, your kids… whomever you think needs a t-shirt. If you’re not able to get a t-shirt for your host, put him/her in fun summer camp attire for the entire two months.

You will also need a plethora of fun pool paraphernalia. All of our stories involve water this summer, so you’re going to need lots of water toys. I see a trip to the local dollar store or “5 Below” and a cart full of pool noodles, beach balls, floaties, boogie boards, beach towels – anything that yells “water” to you. Use these items to decorate your space. No budget for that trip to the store? Send out an email asking parents to donate an item or two. I bet there are people with an extra noodle or beach ball in their garage.

We also recommend making a Camp Splish Splash sign. You can use the graphic we’ve provided or make your own on butcher paper or construction paper. Remember, this is a kids’ camp, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. You could even have some elementary kids help you make signs. They would love it!

However you choose to decorate, please SHARE the pictures with us so we can share them with our other partners. You can email them to flblog@rethinkgroup.or or post them to our Facebook page. We’ve even started putting the monthly theme pictures in an album for everyone to view.

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