Setting the Stage – Bubble Factory (November 2019)

“Can you say thank you?” How many times will a child be asked that question in their preschool years? We ask them again and again because we want to help them learn to be thankful. This month is all about saying thank you. In fact, we are going to be bubbling over with thankfulness with our Bubble Factory theme.

Throughout the month, preschoolers will learn to be thankful for their family, friends, and food. And, they’ll learn that saying, “Thank you” is just as important as being thankful. 

Imagine the preschoolers in your church learning to tell God thank you – for EVERYTHING – all while having fun with their small group leaders and friends.  Imagine them growing up giving thanks to the Lord with their WHOLE heart.

The Welcome Center and Hallway
This month we will be bubbling over with thanks! Every preschooler loves bubbles so fill your space with various formations of clear beach balls and balloons. 

Create a large bubble bottle from butcher paper or enlarge the bottle from the environment art. Give families the opportunity to write what they are thankful for on construction paper bubbles. Then surround the bubble bottle with bubbles of thanks. 

Use a bubbly piece of fabric to cover your welcome table. Fill jars with clear beads to look like bubbles and hold your pens. 

Visit the Bubble Factory Board on Pinterest for more ideas on decorating your environments!

The Stage
Continue the bubble fun onto your stage. Fill the corners with clear balloon formations. You could even have a bubble blower creating a bubble filled atmosphere as the children enter the space.

The fonts used in First Look curriculum are: Avenir and Archer Pro
The fonts used in this month’s theme is: Baloo

Spotify Playlist
We created a Spotify playlist featuring our First Look songs for you to use in your environments and share with parents.

AD Space