Setting the Stage – Blast Off (August 2016)

We are SO EXCITED to Blast Off into a new year of preschool learning and fun with you! As the children review all three Basic Truths (God Made Me, God Loves Me, Jesus Wants to be My Friend Forever), they will hear over and over again how much God loves them.

The Blast Off theme an awesome opportunity to use any space decorations you might have in storage. Fill your halls with stars, planets, and rockets!

As you think about decorating your environments, consider creating a banner in the hallway that says, “God loves me” and include pictures of children each week.

We are also including a large-size graphic in the Monthly Visuals folder on the download matrix that can be printed and mounted to use as a fantastic photo booth. Kids can pretend to be an astronaut blasting off into outer space! Every parent loves a picture of their preschooler in a photo booth!

First Look provides monthly Theme Art as well as Environment Art for your preschool areas in the Monthly Visuals tab on the download matrix. Be sure to download these files to help you prepare your environments for the theme Blast Off.

If you would like to edit or incorporate this month’s theme art in your own designs, the Customizable Art File is available for purchase from the Orange Store or in the Premium Enhancements area of the download matrix. You can find that here.

As always, we have created a Pinterest board for this theme. We encourage you to visit it to give you ideas on how to decorate your environment.

We can’t wait to see what you do this month as you teach preschoolers that: God love me. Stay connected with us on social media and share your awesome ideas! Email us at or post your pictures using the hashtag: #FLBlastOff

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