Setting the Stage – Beach Party (January 2020)

It’s time for a Beach Party—sand, sun, and a whole lot of fun! Jesus spent a great deal of time on or near the beach. In fact, He performed MANY miracles near the water. So, the beach is the perfect environment for our preschoolers to learn that Jesus can do anything. 

Our preschoolers learned that God gave us Jesus in December, and now they will learn that because Jesus is God’s Son, He can do anything! With God all things are possible! Throughout their lives, children will encounter things they can’t do. But, in Jesus, they have a friend who can do it all. There is no better friend than Jesus, and He wants to be our friend forever. 

The Welcome Center and Hallway
Let’s go to the beach! Grab those sand toys and beach balls out of the storage tubs and use them to decorate all around your environment. Build sand castles on the walls with butcher paper. Drape beach towels on the chairs. Have fun bringing the beach inside!!

Cover your welcome table with a colorful beach towel. Fill a jar with shells and sand to hold your pens. Don’t forget a sand bucket to hold extra supplies.

Visit the January 2020 Beach Party board on Pinterest for more ideas on decorating your environments!

The Stage
Let the beach tubs explode onto your stage this month. Create a sand castle out of cardboard boxes or foam. Drape colorful beach towels and fill the corners with fun beach toys.

The fonts used in First Look curriculum are: Avenir and Archer Pro
The fonts used in this month’s theme is: Luckiest Guy

Spotify Playlist
We created a Spotify playlist featuring our First Look songs for you to use in your environments and share with parents.

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