September 2019 Editor’s Notes

Hello, First Look Friends! 

When was the last time you really looked at everything God made? Taking a moment to walk outside or search for the wonders of the world online will totally change the way you share this month’s Bible stories with preschoolers.

We need that WONDER dial turned way up! ALL the way up! And the best way to do that is to experience some of that wonder! When we take the time to look at this amazing world God made, we are filled with awe and wonder. It’s that feeling of wonder we want our preschoolers to have as they learn about God’s creation.

Week one, we will introduce our preschoolers to the idea of creation and that God made everything. We will then review days one and two of creation. God made the light and the dark so we could have day and night. Then, He created the beautiful sky and the waters below.

We continue with creation in week two and introduce what God made on day three of creation.God created land to separate the waters. On the land, He created beautiful plants—some we even eat!

During week three, preschoolers will hear about day four of creation. God created the sun to keep us warm during the day and the moon that we can see at night. He created every twinkling star in the sky.

Week four will be our preschoolers’ favorite as they learn that God made the birds, fish, and animals on days five and six of creation. God didn’t just create just one kind of fish or bird. He created so many different kinds of fish and birds. And, He made so many amazing animals too. But, that’s not all God made on day six. He made people too.

We’ll talk more about God’s most special creation, people, in week five. God created each and every one of us, and it was VERY good. Then, on day seven of creation, God rested.

We are going to do a lot of counting together this month—one, two, three, four, five, six, seven—pausing to learn what God made on each day of creation. Through our fun and exciting activities and stories we want our preschoolers to learn God made everything, and IT IS GOOD!

We have a Family Experience this month where preschoolers can learn about creation along with their parents. This is located as a separate file in the Premium Tier only. If you haven’t done one of our Family Experience events before, be sure to download and review it. This would be a great opportunity for your ministry of bring preschoolers and their parents together to learn.

Manny and Harper are in the clubhouse this month. They’re having fun counting things while learning all about this amazing world God made. You can find their stories on the Wonder!DVD this month. The DVD is available at The Orange Store, and you can even sign up for a monthly subscription. Use this DVD to supplement a live Storyteller and/or Host for the Story section of the curriculum. In addition, the Wonder! videos are available in the monthly media package.

Our monthly song, “All Good,” is from the album All Good. It can be downloaded with the curriculum or purchased on the album in The Orange Store. Dance moves are included in your media package if you subscribe, or they can also be found on the Orange Store. If you would like to share a link to the album with parents, please use this one:

September’s Preview Video is available in the September download­—it is located in the week one Prelude file. If you’d like to embed the video into your church blog, we have it available on Vimeo.Feel free to share the vision with everyone!

Our team will be praying for you to have moments filled with wonder as you give preschoolers a “first look” at the God who made them, loves them, and wants to be their friend forever.

Kathy Hill
Director of Preschool Curriculum
The reThink Group

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