Preschool Family Experience

We always hear the question, “How do you partner with parents of preschoolers?”

We all know preschool parents are hungry!
They want to be better parents!
They want meaningful interactions with their kids and they want to know an even bigger question, how to have faith conversations with their very young kids.

So how do we do it?
We send home parent cues and resources, but can we do something more?

One incredible and intentional way to engage preschool parents is to host a Family Experience just for them!
If you have ever done an Elementary Family Experience this is going to look different, it has to, these are preschoolers!

First, invite your families in—churched or unchurched—are all welcome!

Next, pick a time and place that works best for your preschool families.
I love 10am on a Saturday because preschoolers have lots of energy then before lunch and naps.

Then, try to provide a snack to feed those little tummies and a time to grab a picture.
Families don’t often get pictures with the whole family since mom or dad are usually taking the photo.
So, give them a memory to hold onto.

Then the big part, provide meaningful activities that are fun and not intimidating for the whole family.
Make sure you have games and crafts that are simple so families can focus on the conversation and time together rather than the challenging instructions.
This is when we model to parents how to play with their little ones and also have faith-based conversations in a preschool way.
Use words to connect the activities to the preschoolers’ lives.

Finally, be positive and encourage everyone!
Let kids and parents know that they are ALL doing a great job!

A Preschool Family Experience doesn’t have to be elaborate.
It just needs to be meaningful.
You can have as much fun as you want with the décor and activities, as long as you tie it back to the purpose of bringing preschool families together for a shared experience.

As you say good-bye, try to send parents home with one more thing to do together at home.
Remind them that they can be successful and that you are there to support them and partner with them.

If you use First Look curriculum, you will be provided with four Preschool Family Experiences each year in the premium package to support you and your preschool ministry.
We strategically pick times throughout the year that work with the average family rhythm to support and not stress the family calendar.
Each First Look Family Experience is designed in a unique way to reach preschoolers and their families.

We have already heard so many encouraging stories of preschool families and churches coming together and are so excited to hear even more this year!
This 2018-2019 school year, First Look will offer Preschool Family Experiences for the months of September, January, April, and June/July.

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