One Voice: Weekday And Weekend Preschool

We all know the joys of constantly trying to teach our sweet preschoolers about sharing. We couldn’t even count the number of times we have said, “Please share the fire truck. Please share the crayons. The kitchen is for everyone. Let’s play together.” But, as we teach our children to share every day, the question lingers—are we modeling sharing?

As adults, do we share our toys? Literally, do we share our Sunday Preschool crayons with Weekday Preschool on Monday? This is such a hard topic to tackle as we are all budget conscious and love our rooms to be in order. However, we know that two combined influences have a greater impact. So, how do we work together to impact our preschool families from Monday to Sunday?

When I asked my former weekday preschool director how we worked together so well, her response was, “I think it’s just because we were friends.” While that sounds like a simple response, it really does speak volumes. Because we were friends and we both loved the same preschoolers, we had a common ground. I believed in what she did, and she believed in what I did. But, we didn’t just say we supported one another. We backed it up with our actions.

My friend, Miss Jan, was one of our best small group leaders on Sundays. She led games during our week of summer camp (VBS). She prayed for my ministry and encouraged her preschool parents to attend the church on the weekends or camp in the summer.

Now, I know not every weekday teacher has the energy to serve with kids again on Sundays, but they are the perfect people to greet families on the weekends. How wonderful would it be for a family trying church for the first time to see a familiar and trusted face as soon as they walk in the doors?

While Jan supported my ministry, I also supported hers. I would go into her holiday parties to meet the parents and pray for them. I advertised the weekday preschool open house and would also attend to let our church families know that I supported this program and believed in it as well. I would often go to the preschool hall and talk to the parents while they waited to pick their kids up from school on weekdays. In those few minutes each day, I developed relationships with those families that opened the door to them coming to church on Sunday. In short, I cared for those families and so did Jan.

Now, when it comes to supplies and toys, sharing is still challenging. We figured out a system to keep some weekday supplies separate from weekend supplies. We also figured out how we could use a shelf on Sunday and turn it around on Monday to display the monthly calendar on the other side.

Most importantly, I cared about her Monday, and she cared about my Sunday. Before leaving on Sundays, my team made sure we had the rooms ready for her ministry, and she did the same for my ministry on Fridays. Although we were friends first, sharing families, classrooms, and supplies made us even closer. We met on a regular basis to talk about how things were going and to pray for one another. Because I supported Jan and she supported me, we modeled the ultimate sharing to our teams, families, and most importantly to our preschoolers.

Finally, we shared one voice. We both communicated God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever. At the end of the year, the families heard one cohesive voice about how God loves them and experienced how the church and school loves them too. Ultimately the families were cared for and supported regardless of the day they showed up and could feel the love of God—Monday through Sunday!

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