October’s Editors Notes

Hello First Look Friends!

It’s time to meet Professor Fantastic! He’s coming to a Large Group room near you! Professor Fantastic is this month’s Host. He introduces the children to fantastic things that happen in our world and to fantastic things God made our bodies to do.

That’s right, God made us. He did. He made us. Think about how AMAZING that statement is. God made you. God made me. Let that sit in your heart for just a second. Now, you feel His love, don’t you? God made you and He loves EVERYTHING about you. Everything. God loves that one hair that sticks up in the wrong direction. God loves the quirky way your laugh hitches. God loves everything about you. That’s what we want our preschoolers to know this month.

We want our preschoolers to know without a doubt that their heavenly Father made them and adores them. We want our preschoolers to know that God made them wonderfully. He made them with a plan and a purpose. He made them to praise Him. God made them, each and every one of them. We want our preschoolers to know that they are unique and special creations and that God loves them oh, so much.

This is a fun month. It’s going to take a little planning. It’s going to take a little time. It’s going to be a little loud. It’s going to be so totally worth it as your preschoolers smile and jump and sing and yell, “God loves everything about me.”

Be sure to check out the Parent Take Home this month. This is one of our extra special parent connection opportunities that requires a few more resources, but invites preschoolers and their parents to take some time at home to review what they’ve learned at church.

In addition, please notice the two Service Opportunities that have been added to the download page. “Coats for Kids” returns as an amazing opportunity for preschoolers to help those in their community. We have also partnered with Operation Christmas Child to create wonderful opportunity for your preschoolers to help children around the world celebrate the gift of Christmas. If your church uses the 252 Basics curriculum, you will find the same OCC files in both download matrixes, and I highly recommend working together with your children’s ministry to create an amazing ministry opportunity for your entire church. Whatever you choose, we pray that your preschoolers learn what a joy it is to give during the pre-Christmas season.

October’s Preview Video is on the First Look website. You can purchase a download of the video for your church’s use at the reThink Store. This product includes the script we used in case you want to record it yourself. The video is also available on Vimeo to imbed into your church blogs. Feel free to share the vision with everyone!

Our Wonder! Look at God’s Story DVD is available at the reThink Store, and you can even sign up for a monthly subscription. Use this DVD to supplement a live Storyteller and/or Host for the Make It True section of the curriculum.

Our team will be praying for you to have moments filled with wonder as you give preschoolers a “first look” at the God who loves them, made them, and wants to be their friend forever.

Kathy Hill
Editor in Chief, First Look


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