October’s Editor’s Notes

All preschoolers want to be “super.” They dash through the house with towels for capes attempting amazing feats that sometimes find them poised to jump off the dresser to see if they can fly. The thing these kids don’t know yet is that you don’t have to have special powers to be super. No, you can be super with God’s help. And, you can ALWAYS count on God.

This month, our preschoolers will learn they can be brave like Elijah and believe in the one true God. They can be strong like Esther and love God with their whole heart. They can be courageous like Rahab and trust God. They can be wise like Joshua and obey God. When they are like these awesome people whose stories are told in the Bible, they can be a Super Kid and do “super” God’s way.

We had a lot of fun writing this month, and as we were brainstorming and thinking and writing and praying, a storybook emerged. We’re very excited to share this book with you. Be sure to watch the First Look blog and our Facebook page for updates on when it’s available in the store. It’s coming soon. You’re going to want to get one for each of your preschoolers so they can remember at home how to do “super” God’s way.

Shea and Maggie are in the clubhouse this month to host our Wonder! Look at God’s Story DVD. Maggie wants to be a Super Kid, but she’s going about it all wrong. Watch as Shea teaches her how she can really be super with God’s help. The Wonder! DVD is available at The reThink Store, and you can even sign up for a monthly subscription. Use this DVD to supplement a live Storyteller and/or Host for the Make It True section of the curriculum.

October’s Preview Video will be on the First Look website. Also, you can purchase a download of the video for your church’s use at The reThink Store. This product includes the script we used in case you want to record it yourself. If you’d like to embed the video into your church blog, we have it available on Vimeo. Feel free to share the vision with everyone!

Our team will be praying for you to have moments filled with wonder as you give preschoolers a “first look” at the God who loves them, made them, and wants to be their friend forever.


Kathy Hill
Editor in Chief, First Look
The reThink Group

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