Notes from #OC18: Play With Purpose (Preschool)

We know everyone can’t be everywhere at Orange Conference (and some of you are at home), so here’s some of what you missed from Brittany Compton Robertson’s breakout, “Play With Purpose (Preschool).”

  • “Play builds the connection so kids can learn from you.” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18
  • “Play opens up learning possibilities.” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18
  • “Character play = less frustration with difficult tasks. (Ex: Dress up station.)” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18
  • “Play creates a positive learning environment.” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18
  • “We are not here to babysit or do childcare. We are here to build a better future and foundation for these kids by teaching them about their Heavenly Father. What we are doing matters.” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18
  • “Play develops: Communication, collaboration, strategy skills, problem solving skills, decision making skills, and planning skills.” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18
  • “Preschoolers learn by doing.” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18
  • “Play is packed full of content. We are going to teach preschoolers while we play.” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18
  • “Play makes preschool small groups effective.” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18
  • “Preschoolers love repetition.” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18
  • “We only have one hour a week with those kids, so make it count.” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18
  • “Structure play so it has purpose.” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18
  • “Types of play: Physical, dramatic, creative, and manipulative.” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18
  • “Provide leaders the words to say to connect the dots for kids.” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18
  • “Provide the opportunity for kids to develop their own relationship with their Heavenly Father.” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18
  • “Get messy! It will make it memorable.” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18
  • “Equip parents to play with purpose at home.” @Bcrobertson717 #OC18

Many thanks to McKenzie Causey, Manager of First Look Curriculum, for Live Tweeting this breakout!

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