Notes from #OC18: Engaging Infants and Toddlers

We know everyone can’t be everywhere at Orange Conference (and some of you are at home), so here’s some of what you missed from Jacqui Uhler’s breakout, “Engaging Infants and Toddlers.”

  • “Infants and toddlers were made to be known by God.” Jacqui Uhler #OC18
  • “Infants and toddlers are inputting and processing way before they are outputting.” Jacqui Uhler #OC18
  • “Ages 1-2: Mental: Understands roughly 70 words and learning to walk. Physical: Has grown to half their adult height and can follow two-part instructions.” Jacqui Uhler #OC18
  • “Infants and toddlers were made to worship.” Jacqui Uhler #OC18
  • “How do I start to engage infants and toddlers? Do something. (Ex. Try music and a a large group space!)” Jacqui Uhler #OC18
  • “Celebrate your little ones. Equip your small group leaders to send birthday cards every month, etc.” Jacqui Uhler #OC18
  • “You need consistent leaders to make your little ones feel most comfortable.” Jacqui Uhler #OC18
  • “Coach leaders to give parents positive feedback on their children at pick up. This lets them know you were engaged and took the time to notice a specific thing they did that was amazing.” Jacqui Uhler #OC18
  • “Consistent grouping gives both children and parents comfort to let them know they have a core around them.” Jacqui Uhler #OC18
  • “Cast the vision to your leaders. Consistently let them know that what they’re doing is important.” Jacqui Uhler #OC18
  • “Encourage, encourage, encourage your leaders. (And then encourage them some more!)” Jacqui Uhler #OC18
  • “Offer routine to your leaders. Coming in and not knowing what to expect each week can be very overwhelming. (Follow the same schedule, start small groups & large groups around the same time every week, always have supplies in the same place, etc.)” Jacqui Uhler #OC18
  • “Be patient and celebrate the wins. To celebrate the wins, identify what the wins are.” Jacqui Uhler #OC18
  • “Grow the roots. We are a root growing phase – laying a foundation that matters.” Jacqui Uhler #OC18

Many thanks to McKenzie Causey, Manager of First Look Curriculum, for Live Tweeting this breakout!

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