Notes from #OC18: Discovering What Volunteers Really Want – For Preschool Leaders

We know everyone can’t be everywhere at Orange Conference (and some of you are at home), so here’s some of what you missed from Paula Dannielle’s breakout, “Discovering What Volunteers Really Want – For Preschool Leaders.”

  • “Volunteers need more than their love for kids if they are going to stay in ministry.” @paula_dannielle #OC18
  • “Recognize that people want to follow a great leader.” @paula_dannielle #OC18
  • “They need a great leader who is organized, on time, who plans, and who cares about them.” @paula_dannielle #OC18
  • “They need a great leader who is an owner, not a renter.” @paula_dannielle #OC18
  • “A great leader gets in there with them. There is no job that is beneath them. (Changing diapers, cleaning up spit up, etc.)” @paula_dannielle #OC18
  • “Volunteers want to serve in a role that fits them.” @paula_dannielle #OC18
  • “You have to help the volunteer find their right place.” @paula_dannielle #OC18
  • “Volunteers want meaningful trainings.” @paula_dannielle #OC18
  • “Create a library of things you know you need to train on every year. How to lead a small group, how to engage with preschoolers during story time, policy and procedure, etc.” @paula_dannielle #OC18
  • “Don’t waste their time. Talk about the WHY. If they buy into the why, they will stay a lot longer.” @paula_dannielle #OC18
  • “Don’t hold a meeting for things you can answer in an email. Use a video if you have to talk it out and then send that out.” @paula_dannielle #OC18
  • “Volunteers desire authentic community. Give them chances to experience that.” @paula_dannielle #OC18
  • “Have a fun volunteer outing that doesn’t require a meeting.” @paula_dannielle #OC18
  • “Ministry becomes lonely when you do it without community.” @paula_dannielle #OC18

Many thanks to McKenzie Causey, Manager of First Look Curriculum, for Live Tweeting this breakout!

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