Notes From #OC17: Using Respite Nights to Build Bridges to Your Community

We know everyone can’t be everywhere at Orange Conference (and some of you are at home), so here’s some of what you missed from Christina Teevan’s breakout, “Using Respite Nights to Build Bridges to Your Community.”

  • Parents of a child with special needs desperately need rest. -Christina Teevan #OC17
  • “Let others in your community help provide your needs for respite care: food, toys, etc. Local organizations will donate if you just ask.” -Christina Teevan #OC17
  • When we began respite, there were tears of gratefulness from the parents. It opens the door to an invite to church. -Christina Teevan #OC17
  • If you begin respite care in your neighborhood, you will be amazed at what it does, not only to them, but to you. -Christina Teevan #OC17
  • For more info & for free resources on providing respite care for your neighbors, visit our website. -Christina Teevan #OC17

Many thanks to Barbara Graves, Orange Specialist, for Live Tweeting this breakout!

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