Notes from #OC17: Practical Preschool Prep… And Why it Matters

We know everyone can’t be everywhere at Orange Conference (and some of you are at home), so here’s some of what you missed from Alison Leamon’s breakout, “Practical Preschool Prep… And Why it Matters.”

  • It’s our responsibility to be the ones speaking facts and truths into preschoolers lives. @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • We prepare the things that we value as priority. @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • We prepare so that we can be present. @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • We need to prepare during the week so that we can be present with the families on the weekends. @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • We prepare what we can control to produce a harvest beyond our control. @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • God cares more about your preschool ministry than you do. How tightly are you holding it? @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • Communicate the “whys” as much as you communicate the “whats.” @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • The best way we can prepare to welcome preschoolers is to prepare to welcome adults who love them. @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • We get 40 hours in a year to impact our preschoolers. @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • If we only prepare for what happens inside the rooms, we miss what God could do outside of the rooms. @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • The best way to love preschoolers is to love the adults who love preschoolers. @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • We prepare during the week for preschoolers because we are doing ministry to the littest of hearts – not babysitting. @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • Our goal during the week is to prepare in a way that allows our small group leaders to only be small group leaders. @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • As a leader there are things you lead, things you manage, and things you execute. @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • One of the best ways for a preschooler to learn to love God with their heart, soul, and mind is in a large group experience. @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • For preschoolers, rhythm = comfort. @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • We prepare during the week for volunteers because they are not just the means to your ministry, they ARE ministry! @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • Create a volunteer culture that YOU would want to be a part of. @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • Provide tools to set volunteers up for sucess so they can feel heard and equipped. @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • ?s for coaches/volunteers: What’s your story? What are you celebrating in your class right now? Where are you stuck? @AlisonLeamon #OC17
  • We prepare us so that we have something to give them. @AlisonLeamon #OC17

Many thanks to McKenzie Causey, First Look Director of Projects, for Live Tweeting this breakout!

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