Notes from #OC17: Moving Preschoolers to be Neighbor Minded

We know everyone can’t be everywhere at Orange Conference (and some of you are at home), so here’s some of what you missed from Cass Brannan’s breakout, “Moving Preschoolers to be Neighbor Minded.”

  • We can learn a lot more from preschoolers if we just pay attention. @cassbrannan #OC17
  • We need to teach our preschoolers to show generosity and compassion. @cassbrannan #OC17
  • Preschoolers have the amazing ability to look past what people look like. @cassbrannan #OC17
  • What would happen if we all started looking at people the way a preschooler looks at people? @cassbrannan #OC17
  • We can learn everything from preschoolers! They are way more loving, talented, and smarter than we give them credit for. @cassbrannan #OC17
  • We have to show preschoolers what it’s like to be neighbor minded so they become neighbor minded 14 year olds and adults. @cassbrannan #OC17
  • What if we started teaching preschoolers “you go first” and we start modeling it, so then they start saying “you go first.” @cassbrannan #OC17
  • We have to give preschoolers the opportunities to be neighbor minded. @cassbrannan #OC17
  • We didn’t say you’re not big enough or smart enough to serve, we just had to find the right place he could serve. @cassbrannan #OC17
  • Pray with your preschoolers for opportunities to be neighbor minded and serve other people. @cassbrannan #OC17
  • If your preschoolers want to do something for someone else, say yes! If we keep saying no they won’t want to do it anymore. @cassbrannan #OC17
  • Our preschooler in our churches can do way more than we think. Our hard job is teaching others that preschoolers can do it. @cassbrannan #OC17

Many thanks to Brittany Compton, Director of Preschool Strategy at Orange, for Live Tweeting this breakout!

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