Notes from #OC17: Leading Preschool Volunteers to Weekly Influence

We know everyone can’t be everywhere at Orange Conference (and some of you are at home), so here’s some of what you missed from Sue Miller’s breakout, “Leading Preschool Volunteers to Weekly Influence.”

  • We can lead volunteers to have a weekly influence but they need to be led! @SueMiller01 #OC17
  • A baby really does matter in the eyes of our God! @SueMiller01 #OC17
  • Gather everyone each week and point out the value of what they are doing. @SueMiller01 #OC17
  • Connect that circle of volunteers to each other. Relationships are game changers. @SueMiller01 #OC17
  • Use stories from parents and small group leaders about life change that will highlight that God is at work. @SueMiller01 #OC17
  • Volunteers want to know how to be helpful to parents. @SueMiller01 #OC17
  • Include your volunteers in upcoming ministry changes, they will feel that their opinion matters. @SueMiller01 #OC17
  • Encourage every volunteer for the things they are doing right! @SueMiller01 #OC17
  • Use numbers to know that God is working and families are being served because of them. @SueMiller01 #OC17
  • Figure out how to give volunteers a break! @SueMiller01 #OC17

Many thanks to Brittany Compton, Director of Preschool Strategy at Orange, for Live Tweeting this breakout!

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