New On the Matrix: Lead Small and Home

We hope you’ve had an opportunity to look over all the new and wonderful things that are on the August download matrix. I even made a little video walking you through the matrix so you could see all the changes there. If you haven’t watched it or downloaded our Matrix Visual Glossary, I suggest hop over there to see and hear all the changes.

We added two new pieces in August that are found in the Monthly Visuals page that I wanted to point out. 

The first is the monthly LEAD SMALL page. We designed this page to be hung in your volunteer central area and even each classroom. It gives Small Group Leaders not only the overview for the month but also the vision for the month. It includes all the pertinent information like Key Question and Bottom Line and a short paragraph about why it’s important for preschoolers to learn these things. We know you all do your best to communicate with your volunteers and share the monthly preview videos. However, that doesn’t always happen. By hanging this page where Small Group Leaders will see it each week, you are giving them one more opportunity to see the life change they creating for our youngest attenders.

Here’s what the LEAD SMALL page looks like.

1508_Lead Small

We also added a visual to cue your Small Group Leaders what to say as they are dismissing the children each morning. Rather than being hidden on the last page of the curriculum, the dismissal information is now designed to be hung by the door so volunteers can easily see it as they hand children back to the parents. The HOME page reminds volunteers to pass out the Parent CUE and make sure parents know this month’s bottom line. 

The HOME page looks like this.



We’re very excited about these two new pieces and can’t wait to hear of other ways you think to use them. Let us know what you decide to do!

AD Space