New Friends Coming to the Wonder Clubhouse

We’ve seen these friends in the Wonder clubhouse for the last several years and have enjoyed their adventures and the things that Ollie has taught them. However, everyone grows up – even the Wonder Clubhouse kids.

Maggie Mabel Martin


While we’ll continue to see Martin in the clubhouse for a few more months, the girls, Maggie and Mabel, have moved out of the neighborhood and on to other things. Maggie has hit her teenage years and a crazy growth spirt that makes her just a little too big for our clubhouse friends. As leaders you’ll still see her in various videos, but her clubhouse days are done. Mabel hasn’t grown much taller, but her roles have exploded in size. In fact, if you’re on the West coast, you can currently see her as Matilda on tour with “Matilda the Musical.” I’ve seen nothing but rave reviews for her performance. You can see some clips on her official Facebook page.

Joining Martin in the clubhouse are three new clubhouse friends whom we can’t wait to watch grow as Ollie teaches them just how much God loves them.

In September, you’ll meet Brooklyn.


And, you’ll meet Madi.



In October, you’ll meet Brandon.


I know you all join me in welcoming these new friends to the neighborhood!

As you prepare for September and the months to come, you may want to give your preschooler a heads up that new friends are coming to visit them. Change is hard for some preschoolers, and a simple transition sentence that there are new friends in the clubhouse might ease the shock for your regular attenders.

We look for to sharing these awesome kids with you for years to come.

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