Middle Schoolers Can Serve Too

We often get asked if middle schoolers can serve in preschool environments. The answer is YES! with proper supervision and definite boundaries. A GREAT place for middle schoolers to serve is in the worship environment. We asked Maggie (from the Wonder videos) to tell us about serving in preschool environments. Here is what she had to say.

Why should middle schoolers serve preschoolers? There are so many answers to this question!

I’m Maggie, and for the past 3 years I have been a worship leader at my church’s preschool environment. I think that it is great for the little ones to see someone closer to their age serving God. This fact can help them realize that no matter how old they are, they can serve and love God.

I also feel that having middle schoolers performing for and working with the kids brings up the energy level. Out of all of my time serving, there are a few moments that really stand out as my favorites. Sometimes, when singing, you can say things like “loud a you can” or “super loud!” The kids will respond with an overwhelming volume or huge dance moves. It’s so much fun!

Letting middle schoolers serve in church also helps them develop a better relationship with God at an earlier age. Being a middleschooler, sometimes the adults that are also serving won’t treat you as an equal. You are always the last one to get a t-shirt and are never referenced in large group meetings. The age they state never goes lower than high school. Though this fact remains, we can learn from it. God would want us to serve Him and His children no matter the recognition. In fact, our preschool and elementary age kids learn that God wants them to serve in secret, to show Him they care. We need to take the advice we give. And that’s why you should let middle schoolers serve in your preschool environments.

Thanks for listening!

Obviously, worship is just one place middle schoolers can serve. However, remember that they are middle schoolers and cannot be left alone with children. Not that anyone should be alone with children.

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