Maximize Your Sunday

It’s here! Sunday is finally here! The day you have been working towards all week long. The crafts are prepped. The snacks are stocked. The toys are clean. Every volunteer is scheduled. Now what?

It’s time to make the most out of your morning!

It is so very critical for you as a preschool ministry leader to be intentional with the precious time you get on a Sunday morning. Since you have prepped every detail and prepared your small group leaders, your job changes now. Now is the time to touch as many lives as you can.

Pull out that hand sanitizer and get ready to give oodles of high fives and handshakes!

First, find a place to position yourself in front of your kid’s entrance or the middle of the lobby. Make sure every kid that walks or runs by you feels extra special with a high five and a “glad you are here!” Now understand, this means you will need to prep your family and friends. Let them know that you can give them a call during the week and grab lunch or coffee for those long chats. Inform them that you need to use Sunday mornings to connect with people you have yet to meet.

While standing on this prime real estate, be on the lookout for someone that may not know anyone at the church yet. There is an eye-opening statistic that says a visitor needs to make seven friends in the first three months in order for them to become a regular attender of the church. This shows the extreme reality that people need to feel that they belong! There is nothing worse than walking by dozens of people in the hallway and realizing you have no one to talk to. So, make those newbies feel welcome! Introduce yourself, connect them to another family in a similar phase of life, and find out how you can partner with them specifically.

Also, use this valuable time and location to connect with new potential leaders. Look for those friendly faces and show them how much fun it is to serve with kids. Take the time to show them what is happening down your hallways and the importance of your ministry!

One more huge rule of thumb, and I know it is hard, is to make it a rule not to talk to other staff members unless it is absolutely necessary on a Sunday morning. Remember, you can talk in the office during the week. There is nothing worse than walking into a church and feeling intimidated because a group of staff is standing together laughing at inside jokes. This does not represent a church that cares about reaching people.

To take it one step further, set a goal for yourself. Meet five new people on a Sunday morning. In addition, if a church member wants to talk to you at length about their medical issues or family drama, kindly ask them if you can meet for coffee or chat on the phone during the week so you have more privacy. Then, make sure to pull out your phone to make a note to follow up with them. Moving these sure to be in-depth discussions to the weekdays frees you up to be available to touch more lives on Sunday morning.

Short, positive, friendly conversations will go a long way for your church and your ministry.
People need to feel welcome, loved, and needed.
Use your precious time wisely on a Sunday morning to connect, connect, connect!

How do you connect with church attenders on Sunday mornings? We’d love to hear!

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