It’s a New Year


January and the ringing in of the New Year is infamous as the time for all things new. People have new goals, new wishes, new diets and new resolutions. While statistics will say that many of these new resolutions will fade away without a lasting impact, why not mark this year as the year that you prove the statisticians wrong and do something new. 


New Dreams

Let yourself dream the grandest of dreams.

What do you want to see in your ministry; in your family; in your life?
What if lack of money, resources and volunteers were not issues?
What if you had all that you needed?
What would you like to see?
What would your ministry do next?

Dare to dream big. Dare to dream the impossible.

If it’s possible for you to do it now, it’s not a dream; it’s simply a task you haven’t begun. Dreams require more than we have. Dare to dream it, to share it, to invite those on your team to dream with you. What could your environment look like? What could your volunteer team accomplish? What areas of family ministry could you add to better partner with the parents of your preschoolers? Don’t forget to dream for your family and your own life, too!


New Goals

Goals are dreams that have taken form.

Goals come with parameters.
They come with numbers or dates or measurable quantities that clearly define a place.
A goal is not a lofty wish.
A goal is not a warm, fuzzy feeling.
A goal has a line.
Set that line and then give everything you’ve got to cross it.

There are few things as encouraging as setting a goal and then attaining it. Setting goals requires courage. Be brave. Set them. Then, be ready to celebrate with all involved when you achieve that goal. A calendar for setting goals is a great addition to your office. You can start with a goal as simple as to write two hand-written thank you notes a week. Or, set a goal to have coffee with one volunteer and/or parent every month. As you meet those goals, set a goal higher and eventually you may have coffee with every family at least once this year!


New You

How are YOU?

Wherever you are today personally, challenge yourself to take the next step and go to the next level.
Are you exhausted and stretched thin? Get your calendar and mark off a weekly break.
Schedule it just like any other appointment even if it’s only for an hour.
Gradually, make that break longer until you have an entire day to yourself.

Are you in a good place personally?
Challenge yourself to something new, to learn and grow.
Take a class or develop a new hobby.

Are you great?
Step up to a new level and find someone around you who needs a mentor.

Spend some time this year to help them get to a great place, too.

Just like the First Look memory verse for January reminds our little ones,
we can trust these words as well.

“With God all things are possible” Matthew 19:26


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