How Is Your Ministry Present During the Christmas Season?

Every year it feels like the Christmas season comes and goes too soon. As ministry leaders, we want our small group leaders, our families, and our guests to know that we are here for them. With the chaos of the holiday season, we have to be even more intentional about creating an environment that fosters being present.

How can we help our preschool ministry be present this Christmas?

  1. Show appreciation to your small group leaders. Everyone has a lot on their plate during the holidays, so make serving in your area easy for your volunteers. One of the easiest ways to win favor with your small group leaders is to communicate clearly and to organize well. It goes such long way! Whether it’s a gift or just an old-fashioned thank you card, don’t forget to let them know they are appreciated. Be the cheering section for your small group leaders, so they are energized to be present in the life of their few.
  2. Help families be present together during the Christmas season. You can do this no matter what your budget is. Share ideas for families to connect with each other on social media. Utilize Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to send out daily Advent postings. Go Weekly even supplies you the images for this. Maybe take it one step further and print (and laminate if you can!) the advent calendar that First Look and Go Weekly provides and hand them out to families. Every year we send home a “Happy Birthday Jesus” kit with a cake mix, icing, candle, cake topper, and activity. You can find a version of this on the First Look download matrix also. Families need help keeping them focused on what matters the most in the hustle and bustle of Christmas.
  3. Follow up with your guests. During the holidays, families that typically do not attend church can begin to feel a tug at giving church a try. When your church and your small group leaders follow up well with guests, it gives them a taste of what they can expect from your ministry – which hopefully is that you want to be present in the life of their family. A mailed hand-written card from their small group leader is exciting for a preschooler! Who doesn’t love mail? Take the time to connect with mom or dad, too, through a phone call or email to let them know about your ministry.

What steps is your ministry taking during Christmas to be present?

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