Following Along with #OC16

Our entire First Look team is so excited for the arrival of almost 8,000 friends in Atlanta for #OC16! But we know that many friends couldn’t get here, so we are going to do our very best to share some of the fun and facts with you, too!

The Blog
You are in the best spot right now, the First Look Blog, to get quotes and notes from labs and breakouts! Notes from some of our amazing preschool track speakers will be posted here after the sessions. We will be live tweeting from selected breakouts and sharing those compiled notes here, too! Check in often to get the info and encouragement that the #OC16 attendees are hearing.

Be sure to follow @FirstLookCurr on Twitter for real-time quotes, pics and behind-the-scenes updates on what Ollie’s friends like best about #OC16. Let us know that you are watching! We want to hear from you, too! You can reply, retweet, or simply tag us, @FirstLookCurr .

We will post links to all the First Look fun on our @FirstLookCurr page each day. There may even be a video or two that makes it way there!

#OC16 Live Stream|
Be sure to RSVP for the #OC16 Live Stream! You will get “front row seats” of sessions, interviews and even some fun giveaways. And simply by RSVPing, you can enter to win 13 books from Orange Books.

We really wish that all of our First Look Friends could just fly in like Ollie to be with us in person, but even if you aren’t here, we will be watching for you online. We can’t wait to share the fun. See you soon!

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