First Look Weekday

We are so excited to announce the addition of a Weekday Curriculum for our preschool leaders, teachers and friends! In fact, we have not one, but two amazing components to share with you.

Our friends at Phase Foundations have been working around the clock to develop a brand new, web-based curriculum for preschools and child-care centers. They have created amazing materials for mathematics, science, reading, language development, and even more to enhance preschool programs around the world.

We at First Look have partnered with Phase Foundations to develop materials called First Look Weekday. First Look Weekday is created for those faith-based programs that want to expand the learning from Sunday, all week long. This resource is designed for children ages two to five.

First Look Weekday includes a large group chapel experience as well as age-appropriate enrichment activities to reinforce the Bible message. The chapel experience is an opportunity to bring all of your preschoolers together for an exciting time of worship, learning the memory verse, and a dramatic telling of the Bible story.

In addition, First Look Weekday provides additional center-based activities focused on a preschooler’s desire to create, explore, move, and think! We have had so much fun going deeper with each week of First Look curriculum to give kids an even stronger understanding of the Bible story, bottom line, and memory verse.

These activities include an art/craft project as well as another developmental activity for both 2-year-olds and 3 to 5-year-olds that engage and teach your preschoolers. This new resource is ideal for school programs but can also be used if you have mid-week programing such as mom’s day out or adult Bible Studies and want to provide something purposeful for preschoolers.

First Look Weekday is available now starting with content for the month of September. Click HERE to access it. You can purchase First Look Weekday monthly or as an annual subscription in order to best meet the needs of your preschool program. We are so excited to hear the stories of children learning about their loving Heavenly Father from First Look Weekday!

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