Father’s Day is June 21, 2015

If you live in the US (and several other countries around the world from what I hear), you celebrate Father’s Day the third Sunday in June. While not the huge church attendance weekend that Mother’s Day is, Father’s Day is a pretty special day. So, we wanted to make sure you had a craft to do if you celebrate it.

Whether your father figure is actually Dad or Grandpa or Uncle, we say to them “Happy Father’s Day!” And, we give them ties. Do you still give your dad a tie for Father’s Day? These paper ties are fun and include a one of a kind preschool handprint or fingerprint. They are destined for the keepsake bin for sure!


Fathers Day


You can find the handprint tie in the June 2s curriculum near the bottom of the tab and the fingerprint tie in the June 3-5s curriculum near the bottom of the tab.

Choose one to do with all of your preschoolers or do one with the older and one with the younger. It’s completely your choice.

Enjoy! And, Happy Father’s Day to all our preschool leaders who are dads too!



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