Looking Back at Easter Sunday

I tell my leaders all the time – even though we are on the preschool hall, we a part of what happens in “big church.” Easter Sunday was a great example of that statement.

We all know that Easter is one of our biggest Sundays in ministry. We expect lots of visitors and therefore more than a few tears as we wrestle with separation anxiety.

I happened to be in the twos room when a visiting family dropped off their two-year-old son. He began to cry, and I assured the family that I would call them if we were not able to comfort him in a reasonable amount of time. The family proceeded to the fours room to drop off their daughter and then to the threes room to drop off another daughter.

After I got the two-year-old calmed, I handed him off to the leader in the room and moved down the hall to the threes room where I heard crying. I found the same family holding their crying three-year-old. I assured the mom that I would call her if needed and then sat down in a rocking chair to comfort the crying little girl by rocking and reading books.

By the time we went to worship and played the Ollie video, the three-year-old was settled and happy. She participated in worship and was singing and dancing right along with the other preschoolers.

When the mom and dad came to pick up the children, I was delighted to be able to tell them that we had had a great morning. I told them all three children calmed down quickly and were soon participating in the activities. The mom and dad were pleased.

On Monday morning, I began writing postcards to the visitors from the day before. As I picked up the information card for this family, I noticed that the mom had checked the box that she had accepted Christ during the worship service!

So many “what ifs” came to mind. What if there had not been enough team members to be able to spend time with the individual children? What if the mom had not felt comfortable enough to leave her child and had stayed in the room? What if we had not been able to calm the children and had called the parents out of service?

What our team does every Sunday is VITAL to allow parents to hear what God is saying directly to them! When a parent makes a decision to follow Christ, the trajectory of the entire family is changed! Children who grow up in a believing household are more likely to become believers themselves. Parents who make a decision to follow Christ become parents who lead their children to have a relationship with Christ. The family is changed for ETERNITY!!!

And, all of this is possible because people are willing to wrap their loving arms around anxious little ones and help them feel safe and loved. Never underestimate the power of what you do in preschool ministry. You help change lives in more ways than one.

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