Don’t Miss Your Chance to Connect

The trees are blooming and mornings require a jacket that is often discarded by lunchtime. It’s spring!

In our ministry, that means it’s time for our semi-annual Parent-Child Dedication. Based from Orange’s BabyD Celebration, this is one of my favorite ways to begin and strengthen our partnership with the parents we serve.

I don’t know if your kids’ hallway looks similar to ours on a Sunday, but “hustle and bustle” doesn’t even begin to describe it! Parents have done all they can to get the kids presentable, fed, and somewhat on time to church. They’re ready to drop ‘em at the door and sprint for the auditorium. If we’re lucky, we will catch the trailing words, “Oh yeah – I put her in big girl underwear today. Good luck!” as they turn the corner. Pick up time isn’t any easier – parents are ready to get to Grammy’s for some fried chicken and sweet tea. They aren’t ready for even a three-minute conversation.

Providing a time for a parent to connect with us from the very start of their journey sets us both up for success. A dedication event gives parents the opportunity to hear how you desire to partner with them.

Don’t limit the event to just parents and families, either. Invite your Small Group Leaders to come. Not just the ones in the babies room – Small Group Leaders for all ages in your ministry. How powerful would it be as a parent to meet the person who teaches the 5-year-olds, only to hear they are so excited to have the opportunity to influence their child several years from now? What if your parents could see the team of people surrounding them, ready to help them on their parenting journey?

Sunday’s can be rushed, though they provide their own opportunities to connect with parents. Don’t overlook one of the best opportunities to partner with them. Start dreaming about your dedication celebration today!

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