DIY Manger Scene

Merry Christmas! Well, almost. It’s been Christmas crazy over here in the First Look office as we gather gifts for you, our partners. (More on that next week – hint, hint.) We are so excited about celebrating Jesus’ birthday! And, this year it’s on Sunday! What? You did know that right? Please tell me you knew that.

As you prepare for December, you will see that we often call for you to have the Little People(R) Nativity. Isn’t it the best?


I mean. Look at that cutie pie playing with baby Jesus.

However, we realize that not all church budgets are equipped to purchase the number of Little People Nativity Sets that you would like to have. So, we’re giving you a Christmas present a little early.


We’re giving you the files so that you can MAKE YOUR OWN NATIVITY sets! That’s right! If you go to the December download page on the matrix, you will now find a bar that says CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Click that, and you’ll find a PDF entitled “DIY Manger Scene.” That’s it! Download that, print it, and you will have these wonderful pictures so that you can make your own Nativity Set.



If you want to make the one from wooden blocks, you will need to go to your hardware store and purchase some untreated 2x4s. You’ll want them cut into theses lengths. (Yes, they’ll do that for you at the store.):

Two 6” pieces
Two 5” pieces
Six 2.5” pieces
Two 3” pieces
Make sure you buy some sandpaper while you’re at the store because you’re going to want to sand the corners and edges well when you get home. Then, grab your handy bottle of Mod Podge and adhere the pictures to wooden blocks.
If the wooden block idea overwhelms you, there are other ways to use the awesome graphics we’re giving you.
What about adhering the pictures to toilet paper rolls. You can use a roll of tape like we did here, or you could use packaging tape and wrap the pictures around the tubes.
So fun!
And, if toilet paper rolls are not your thing, what about this option?
Laminate the pieces and adhere magnets to the back. (Do not use button magnets for children under three.)
Then, run by the dollar store and grab some cookie trays.
Children will love moving the pieces around on the tray, and you’ll love that they’ll stay in one place (maybe).
You may even have another idea on how to use your Christmas present. If you do, we’d love to hear about it!! Make sure you tell us in the comments.
Now, go over to the download page and grab your present!! What are you waiting for?!
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