Curriculum Changes: August 2017

Every year, we approach the beginning of the school year as a time to improve. We look at all that we offer you, our partners and try to improve. This year is no different, and we’re excited about the changes you will see that make our curriculum smarter, kinder, louder.


Well, we think the Download Matrix looks better – smarter even. However, it may take a moment or two for you to find all your First Look favorites. PLEASE TAKE SOME TIME IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS to look at the matrix so you will be prepared for the first week of August.

You will notice that the Download Matrix is now organized by the Seven Segments. Don’t know what the Seven Segments are? You can download a PDF explaining them in the Training Tab on the Download Matrix.

The Download Matrix is now organized in the following way:

  1. Monthly Files: You will find all your What You Need documents and Printables here.
  2. Prelude: This is all the documents you need to get ready for the month and decorate your environment. Here you will find monthly screens, posters, theme art, the preview video and more.
  3. Babies, Toddlers, Extended Toddlers: All the curriculum for our youngest First Look friends can be found here.
  4. Social and Groups (Small Group) 2s, 3-5s: The Small Group part of the curriculum hasn’t changed, but some of the names did. ­”Make It Fun” is now “Social” and “Make It Stick” is now “Groups.” You will find those pieces of the curriculum here. While in the Small Group section, you will also notice that our Activity Circles have changed. We’re now calling them Activity Stamps and we have a full explanation of them on our Training Tab. In addition, graphics denoting the Four Faith Skills have been added to the activities in Groups. These too have an explanation in the Training Tab.
  5. Worship and Story (Large Group) 2s and 3-5s: The Large Group part of the curriculum hasn’t changed either. We’ve just named them a little differently. Here is where you will find worship and Bible story. We will continue to offer both a Rug and Stage Script for the older preschoolers.
  6. Home: We all know what happens at home is more important than what happens at church, and we want to give you the resources you need to partner with parents. This is where you will find our redesigned Parent Cue pieces, the Social Media Plan, and our redesigned document “Going Home” that is specifically designed for you to hang on the doorframe of your classroom for Small Group Leaders to reference during pick up time.
  7. Music: We will continue to give you one song a month to accompany the curriculum. This year we will be using songs from our new CD, Everybody Sing. We are so excited to share this new music with you.


What’s New in the curriculum for August 2017?

  1. Seven Segments – See document in Training Tab for more information. We now use the same Seven Segments as 252 Kids
  2. Activity Stamps – See document in Training Tab for more information. These have really just changed a bit. They’re much better now!
  3. Four Faith Skills Graphic – See document in Training Tab for more information. We’ve always written towards the Four Faith Skills, but we are now drawing attention to them.
  4. What You Need Excel Documents – Many of you have asked, and now you shall receive. You can plug in the number of students in your classroom, and the Excel document will tell you how much of everything you need to buy. (We kept the WYN Word Document for those of you that don’t do Excel.)
  5. Program Schedule Printable – Use this to hang in your classroom to give your Small Group Leaders a basic guidelines for the your time together. You can add physical times if you wish.
  6. Create the Environment – A document that gives ideas for decorating for the theme.
  7. For Leaders Only – A monthly overview with the writer’s vision behind each week’s teaching. This will be a great tool for your weekly huddle time with your Small Group Leaders.
  8. Monthly Overview – An awesome printable that gives vision for the monthly curriculum and an overview of all that is being taught. This is perfect to hang on the wall in each classroom.
  9. Memory Verse Hand Motions Printable – We’re taking our awesome hand motions graphic from Pinterest and placing it on an 8.5×11 document that you can print and hang in your classroom as a reference tool for your Small Group Leaders
  10. Redesigned Parent Cue Cards: All the Parent Cue cards for every Orange curriculum are now in the same format and directly compatible with the new Parent Cue App.
  11. New Music: Our monthly music for 2017-2018 (with the exception of a few songs) will be from our new CD, Everbody Sing. There is also a Dance Moves DVD that can be purchased at the Orange Store.


What you think you’re missing but you’re not:

  1. Weekly WYN – We now have a WYN all in Word and weekly WYN in the Excel documents.
  2. Theme Notes – This information is in the new document, “Create the Environment”
  3. Stage Notes – This information is in the Large Group WYN document for 3-5s
  4. Home – We’ve redesigned it and are now calling it “Going Home”
  5. Lead Small – This information is now in the “Monthly Overview” document
  6. Make It Fun – That’s now called “Social.”
  7. Make It True – That’s now called “Worship and Story.”
  8. Make It Stick – That’s now called “Groups.”
  9. Make It Real – That’s now called “Journal and Prayer” and is the 6th activity in the 3-5s Groups.


So, yes, there are many changes coming with the August 2017 curriculum. We’re excited about all of them and know you will be too once you have a chance to unpack them.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take time to download the entire August curriculum and look through it. Spend some time becoming familiar with all the changes. If you still have questions after you’ve read it all, please call your Orange Specialist, and she will help you. If you don’t know your Orange Specialist, you can find her by clicking here.

We can’t wait to spend another year partnering with you as lead the next generation to grow their faith.



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