Creating A Prep Team

We all know how much parents love bringing home those cute crafts on Sundays—the cuter the better! If it has googly eyes or a handprint on it, we know it will go straight to the refrigerator when they get home! The problem is, those cute crafts that we all know and love take time and work to prepare! So how do we do it? How do we keep those adorable crafts coming without losing our minds?

It’s time to create a prep team! And, here is the great news—anyone can be on this team. Yes, I said it! Anyone can be on this team! They don’t have to be a member of the church, they don’t have to be 18, they don’t have to be female, and they don’t even have to be crafty! You need a group of people to come in once a week and prepare for the magic that happens on Sundays. This team you are creating will be the backbone of your ministry! This valuable group will cut out the cute sheep, count and sort the cotton balls, and attach the brads/fasteners in advance. This group of people will make every Sunday morning look like a million bucks!

When building this team, look for people that aren’t totally connected to your church yet. Look for people that think they are too old to serve with kids or are unable to serve during typical ministry hours. Use that sweet lady that can’t be around germs or the newly retired man that doesn’t know what to do with his time yet. Bring them together and equip them to be the strongest team in your church!

How to equip them? First, welcome them and provide a few snacks. Have directions for each project clearly written out. Have all the supplies ready for them in bins or a room so they don’t have to spend time looking for items. Provide them with containers clearly marked by room/small group/service time/etc so this team can divide the items they prepare to be Sunday ready! Give them a table, chairs, and some elbow space. Now, cheer them on and you will see what a difference this team makes!

How to care for them? Give them their own space and coffee and let them work! Make their work space a happy place by playing music and leaving out a few chocolates. Vision cast continuously to remind them that what they do matters and that they make church better for everyone! Empower them to invite friends to join the team! Most importantly, send thank you notes and give them thank you treats to let them know how much you appreciate them. Then, let those parents fill their refrigerator doors with pride!

Do you have a prep team at your church? Where and when do you meet?

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