Connecting with Kids and Families “Laid Back Style”

Easy living is one of the perks of summer.
It’s the perfect time to connect with kids and families “laid back style.”

  1. Text
    The ding, chirp or ping in a purse or pocket invites the curious to tune in NOW.
  • Send a happy greeting to the parent.
  • Include the child’s name with a special message designed to make him/her feel special. (Ex. “Ava, I’d like you to help me give out the craft stuff next time you’re here.”) I said that to one child, and she told her parents her leader NEEDED HER.
  • OR personalize the message with a question like, “Did you wear those pretty sparkly flip-flops at the beach last week?”
  1. Email
    Email is a great way to send more detailed greetings, pictures and information of exciting things to come.
  • Birthday wishes can get missed when kids are on vacation. An email follow-up to a greeting card can find a family wherever they may roam.
  • Information and pictures of the “new digs” before promotion time rolls around prepares kids for the change.
  • Bible story pages provide great meal or bedtime reading.
  1. Meet-up
  • A planned, casual gathering.
    • We have a park next door to the church. It’s a great place for families to meet, talk together and play. Parents get to know the small group leader, other parents and their child’s friends. The friendships forged at casual, small group events can be life changing.
  • Teddy Bear Tea or Super Hero Supper.
    • Pick a coffee shop for a Teddy Bear Tea or a lunch spot with outdoor tables for the Super Hero Supper.
    • Kids can bring their favorite teddy bear to their tea time, or they can dress in super hero outfits for their super hero supper.
    • For each occasion, parents buy the treats and sit with their kids to hear the small group leader tell a Bible story about a boy named David and a life application that will be especially meaningful to your kids.
    • Some will be interested in David’s loving care for his father’s sheep.
      • God cared for David and loved Him dearly.
    • Others will be delighted in the adventure of David, the boy who killed a giant.
      • David wasn’t a super hero. HE HAD A SUPER GOD.

I still remember many of my childhood small group leaders. The ones who demonstrated the love of Jesus made a lasting impression of my life. They took time to know me personally, contact me individually and meet me outside the church setting.

Small moments with a young child can make a lifetime of difference.

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