Christmas Gift Ideas for Volunteers – Free Gift Tag

It’s here – well, almost!

Christmas, that is…

The excitement in our preschool ministries will gradually build to the point of bursting with all that joy and cheer. That means volunteers and small group leaders will need (and deserve!) an extra dose of love and appreciation.

Say Merry Christmas to all your volunteers with a fun morning treat. Starting the month with a breakfast bar is fun motivation for getting through the next few Sundays with extra-energetic preschoolers. If you don’t typically provide any type of breakfast goodies for your volunteers, surprise them with Christmas-sprinkled donuts and hot chocolate. If you usually have something for your volunteers to eat on Sunday mornings, ramp it up and add hot biscuits or bagels.

A small gift is a way to share our hearts with our volunteers who share their hearts all year long. We’ll make it easy for you and supply the gift tag! (Download Below!) There are jillions (that’s a big number!) of volunteer gift ideas. We’ve pinned some favorites on our Appreciating Volunteers Pinboard. It doesn’t take lots of money or time – just a personal touch added to a simple gift to let your volunteers know you care all year long!

We’d love to hear how you’re saying “Merry Christmas” to your volunteers this year.

Click the link below to download your Christmas gift tags. Print these on paper or cardstock. They are in and of themselves a nice vision piece for your volunteers so you may want to add a small magnet to the back .That way they can stick it to their refrigerator when they get home!

Christmas Gift Tag_FL

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