Christmas 2018 :: Confetti Card

3..2..1…Happy Birthday Jesus!

This December we are so excited to have a Birthday Bash for Jesus!
The whole month is going to be so much fun as we celebrate the birth of Jesus!
And, what better way than with a party?
Think cake, balloons, streamers, and presents!
We want to spread the excitement and joy for Christmas like confetti!

Literally, with confetti!

First Look has made for you your very own “Instant Birthday Bash.”

Simply fill a bag with confetti and attach the special instruction card.
The three simple instructions will have everyone, no matter your age, tossing confetti and shouting “Happy Birthday Jesus!”

I can’t wait to see the instant smiles and laughter and celebration as we hand these out across the world.
So grab some confetti and let the celebration begin!

AD Space