Changes: Strategic Environments

Strategic environments isn’t really a change. I mean, it’s an Orange Strategy many of you’ve been doing for years. The change is that we’ve labeled the different environments for the strategy. And we hope these labels will help you cast vision with the volunteers and parents in your ministry.

The term “First Look” is the big umbrella—think golf or even picnic table umbrella—that covers all things preschool. It has always centered on three main environments:

  • Church – now labeled First Look Groups
  • Home – now labeled First Look Home
  • Combined Experiences – now labeled First Look FX

You are going to see the terms First Look Groups, First Look Home, and First Look FX a lot in the coming months. Everywhere from the download matrix, to the reThink store, and even this blog, will have resources labeled in these three strategic environments.

So, get to know this strategy well. Learn more about the differences between these environments, and how they work together to complete your ministry strategy on the What Is Orange? website.

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