Changes : First Look Download Page

Change: We love it. We hate it.

Here at First Look, we’re all about changing for the BETTER. Every change to anything in the First Look curriculum is thought about, prayed about, and discussed FOREVER. Then, we think about, pray about, and discuss how to communicate that change to you.

I’m letting you know. CHANGE IS COMING!

Later next week, (we think the 29th, but it’s computer stuff, so we’re flexible) the First Look download page will get a little face-lift—a little upgrade if you will.


All the amazing information and fabulous activities will still be there. I promise. However, the layout will now be similar to our 252 Basics and XP3 Students friends. If you subscribe to either one of those curriculums, (and you should, in my opinion) then this change won’t even make you blink.

As soon as the new download page goes live, (that’s fancy computer talk for “is actually working”) we will load a helpful “How to Navigate” PDF on the First Look Blog ( and in the Training Section.

We know change is hard. But, without change, we’d never get better! We can’t wait to hear how much you love our face-lift.

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