Away We Go Postcards

Have you seen the awesome resource we have for you as we launch our new year?

Check out these Away We Go postcards!


Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL? Our fabulous graphic designer, Sharon, made them for us. Sharon is going to be your new best friend because she has lots of great stuff in store for you this year. The art on this postcard is the theme art for the Away We Go series, our August series. If you haven’t checked out the August tab on the download page yet, you’re going to want to soon. In fact, you may went to go read about all the changes we made starting in August first before you open it.

Now, you might be asking, “Kathy, why do I need postcards?” To which I would reply, “Um, you don’t already use postcards?” Postcards are a great way to communicate with preschool families and volunteers. While email is an awesome thing. And, texting is great. There is something more personal and relational about getting physical mail. I mean, didn’t you run out to the mailbox as a kid. (I will admit here that I still like getting the mail even though it’s usually bills now.) Preschoolers recognize their name, and when they see their name on a pretty, vibrant card that’s obviously just for them?? Oh my! It’s pure joy I tell you.

So, let me show you just a few ways you can use these postcards whether you launch your new year in August or September or you already did.

Getting ready for promotion Sunday.


Moving on up to the toddler room. Or the twos room. Or the threes room. Or…


A child visits for the first time, and you want to connect and thank them for coming.


You want to tell a volunteer that they’re awesome and that you couldn’t do it without them.


There are lots of reasons to use postcards. Can you think of more?

And, while you’re thinking, go grab yourselves a few packs of these for the end of the summer.
You’re going to want them.



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