And Then

And then.

Do you know those two simple words can be found together hundreds of times throughout the Bible?

“…and then you will be able to serve Me.” Jeremiah 15:19

“And then the Lord your God will…” Deuteronomy 7:20

“Andrew…heard…and then followed Jesus.” John 1:40

Every time the phrase is used, you know something happened first in order to set the stage for the second thing to happen.

Preschool ministry is a world of “and then.” Sometimes, we get stuck in the mindset that the age we work with is the be-all-to-end-all. We forget what happened before the child stepped foot into our classroom for the first time. And, we forget that God has an and then in store for our few when they step out of our classroom for the last time.

Before that bright-eyed four-year-old came into your small group, he heard the foundational truth that Jesus wants to be his friend forever in his three-year-old small group.

Before the toddler, well…toddled their way into your arms, she was prayed over and loved as a physical representation of the love of her Father.

Before the confident five-year-old marched into your room by himself, a dedicated small group leader took the time and effort to show him that your ministry is a place of love and safety.

You have become a part of your preschoolers’ and then. You’ve been building a foundation that is getting them ready for what God has next in their lives. Aren’t you grateful that God doesn’t stop with the now, but consistently gives us the opportunity for an and then?

Don’t get trapped in the now.

You’re not their last and then.

You’re preparing them for the next part of God’s story in their lives.

You may be getting ready for many of your precious ones to transition from the preschool ministry into your elementary ministry. Enjoy these last class times with them. Hug them an extra time or two and look them in the eyes as you repeat those truths to them one more time.

God made you.
God loves you.
Jesus wants to be your friend forever.

But don’t cling to them.

Let them go.

And be ready to celebrate their and then.

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