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OLAB 405: Creating Structure and Goals for Worship

OLAB 404: Talking to Your Students About Social Media

OLAB 295: Moving Past Last Year

OLAB 294: What Will Run You In The New Year?

OLAB 293: Using the Week Between Christmas And New Year’s To Plan Ahead

OLAB 292: What You Just Did Mattered

OLAB 291: A Joyful Christmas

OLAB 290: Christmas And The G Word

OLAB 289: A Kindness Manifesto For Leading Ministry Teams Well

OLAB 288: How To Connect With Returning College Students During The Holidays

OLAB 287: 5 Ways to Welcome Visitors This Christmas

OLAB 286: 5 Tips For Balancing Your Time At Home And In Ministry This Christmas

OLAB 285: Anticipating The Family With A Child With Special Needs This Christmas

OLAB 284: Walk This Way: Teaching Kids to Walk Out Justice

OLAB 283: Keeping Your Marriage A Top Priority This Holiday Season

OLAB 282: Creating A Community On Social Media

OLAB 281: Welcoming People Well

OLAB 280: Letting Kids Be the Tradition-Makers

OLAB 279: Generation Z’s Life Norms And Its Effects On Faith

OLAB 278: Engaging Your Community Online

OLAB 277: The Secret Sauce Of Event Planning

OLAB 276: Church: The Stress-Reliever For The Christmas Season

OLAB 275: How to Use Social Media as Outreach During the Holidays

OLAB 274: Measuring What Seems Un-Measurable

OLAB 273: Building Trust With Parents As Small Group Leaders

OLAB 272: How to Influence Key People in Your Community

OLAB 271: Renewal In Your Community Can’t Be Done Alone

OLAB 270: Before Christmas Shopping… Consider This

OLAB 269: Dear Orange Leader

OLAB 268: How To Maximize Conversations With Families During The Holiday Season

OLAB 267: Getting To The Heart Of Service In Small Groups

OLAB 266: Partnering With Schools For The Holidays

OLAB 265: The 5 Best Uses Of Facebook Live At Your Church

OLAB 264: 5 Ways You Can Better Lead Student Volunteers

OLAB 263: When Small Group Leaders Pastor

OLAB 262: Discovering The Needs Of Our Neighbors

OLAB 261: What A Small Clapboard Church Can Teach Us About Success

OLAB 260: Using Social Media To Cast Vision For Your Ministry

OLAB 259: How To Work With Difficult People

OLAB 258: Getting To Know Your Neighbors

OLAB 257: Giving Volunteers Your Best

OLAB 256: How You Can Learn To Delegate Today

OLAB 255: Find Time To Learn With The 5-Hour Rule

OLAB 254: The Value of Debriefing Your Team

OLAB 253: How To Resolve Conflict With Your Leader

OLAB 252: Why Effective Leaders Replace Themselves

OLAB 251: Turning The Tide Of Negative Team Energy

OLAB 250: Establishing A Culture Of Communication

OLAB 249: Using Instagram Stories to Tell Your Church’s Story

OLAB 248: Protecting Boundaries To Preserve Margins

OLAB 247: Overcoming The Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back

OLAB 246: 6 Ways To Improve Meetings With Small Group Leaders

OLAB 245: Leading Well Through Seasons Of Doubt

OLAB 244: Thoughtful Social Media Conduct

OLAB 243: 2 Simple Ways To Maximize Your Time

OLAB 242: How To Develop Emotional Intelligence

OLAB 241: How to Prioritize Relationships In Every Part Of Your Ministry

OLAB 240: Three Reasons Why Kids Ministry Is Cancelled This Weekend

OLAB 239: How Does Social Media Impact Your Reputation?

OLAB 238: Thinking With A Community-First Mindset

OLAB 237: What’s Hindering The Effectiveness Of Your Leadership?

OLAB 236: How to Steward Relationships Well in Your Family Ministry

OLAB 235: 3 Ways To Use Social Media For Outreach

OLAB 234: Creating A Welcoming Environment For Your Community

OLAB 233: How To Prepare Future Leaders For Big Decisions

OLAB 232: How To Lead A Team To Excellence

OLAB 231: Making Vision Come To Life In Ministry

OLAB 230: 6 Truths Of Intentional Teamwork

OLAB 229: 5 People Who Should Be On Your Speed Dial

OLAB 228: How To Creatively Solving Ministry Frustrations

OLAB 227: 3 Signs Families Are About To Leave Your Church

OLAB 226: 5 Ways To Avoid Quitting When Leading Change

OLAB 225: How To Safeguard Against Loneliness In Leadership

OLAB 224: Navigating The Dismissal Of A Volunteer

OLAB 223: 4 Keys To Investing In Others

OLAB 222: Leading Small With Leaders

OLAB 221: How To Acclimate A New Volunteer

OLAB 220: 3 Keys For Mindful Communication

OLAB 219: Why Effective Leaders Are Vulnerable And Transparent

OLAB 218: 4 Choices Good Leaders Make

OLAB 217: What Our Church Learned Talking To Single Parents

OLAB 216: The Purpose Of Fear In Authentic Leadership

OLAB 215: Top 5 Things To Know About Orange Curriculum

OLAB 214: 3 One-Liners That Made A Difference In Our Marriage

OLAB 213: 4 Things That Are True For Every Child

OLAB 212: 3 Ways To Connect Generations In Your Church

OLAB 211: Should Your Ministry Have Separate Social Media Accounts?

OLAB 210: Embracing Curiosity As A Leadership Skill

OLAB 209: Why Married Couples Need Help Winning Relationally

OLAB 208: How To Start Mentoring Your Volunteers

OLAB 207: What Is Your ‘Why?’

OLAB 206: 6 Ways To Reboot Your Spiritual Growth

OLAB 205: Planning A Personal Retreat

OLAB 204: Boosting Your Church’s Reach On Social Media

OLAB 203: Does Your Family Matter?

OLAB 202: 9 Steps To Gauge And Boost Volunteer Morale

OLAB 201: How To Handle Negative Comments Online

OLAB 200: Using Your Summer To Gear Up For The Fall

OLAB 199: Can You Really Balance Ministry and Life?

OLAB 198: The Biggest Mistakes Churches Make On Social Media

OLAB 197: Resolving Staff Conflicts

OLAB 196: Why The Church Needs Less Volunteers And More Mentors

OLAB 195: Married And In Ministry – How To Get Your Relationship Unstuck

OLAB 194: Being Ready For Tragedy Or Crisis In Your Community

OLAB 193: The Beautiful Cycle Of Family Ministry

OLAB 192: The Transformational Power Of Volunteerism

OLAB 191: 6 Ways To Maximize Your Church’s Facebook Page

OLAB 190: Identifying And Developing Leader Volunteers

OLAB 189: Why Our Ministry Added One More Thing To Parents’ Calendars

OLAB 188: 2 Things You Can Do To Help Your Volunteers

OLAB 187: A Ministry Investment For Your Small Group Leaders

OLAB 186: 3 Tips For Finding A Mentor

OLAB 185: How To Establish Healthy Boundaries On Social Media

OLAB 184: How To Ask Leaders To Step Down

OLAB 183: 3 Lies We Tell Ourselves

OLAB 182: Are Unspoken Expectations Crippling Your Volunteer Team?

OLAB 181: The Best Way To Mobilize Teens To Serve In Your Family Ministry

OLAB 180: Two Habits To Help The Next Generation Win Friends And Grow Their Faith

OLAB 179: Do Something You Don’t Have to Do

OLAB 178: Start Acting Like Everyone Is Invited

OLAB 177: What Jesus Knew About The Power of Parties

OLAB 176: Why Your Ministry Needs a Good Party

OLAB 175: 3 Keys To Keeping Boundaries In Ministry

OLAB 174: The Fundamentals of Leading Up

OLAB 173: How To Build A Better Post-Mortem Meeting

OLAB 172: Five Steps To Building A Healthy Team Dynamic

OLAB 171: Four Foundational Needs to Change Yourself and Your Ministry

OLAB 170: Four Ways To Engage Millennials In Your Family Ministry

OLAB 169: Do Big Things By Passing The Torch

OLAB 168: Tuning Up The Band: Using The Summer To Cast Vision

OLAB 167: Making The Most Of The Verse You Get

OLAB 166: One Thing You Forgot Measure This Sunday

OLAB 165: When A Kid’s In Crisis, Create Space For Grace

OLAB 164: When Less Is More In Your Ministry

OLAB 163: What All Fractured Teams Have In Common

OLAB 162: Impacting Foster Families in Your Church

OLAB 161: How To Navigate A New Position With Enthusiasm And Grace

OLAB 160: Instagram Strategies For Your Church

OLAB 159: How to Handle Unrealistic Expectations

OLAB 158: 14 Ways To Recognize A Real Leader

OLAB 157: Partner With Parents At Every Level

OLAB 156: For A Strong Team On Sunday, Invest In Them On Monday

OLAB 155: How To Stay Connected To The Kids (And Adults) In Your Church

OLAB 154: What To Remember And Do As You Transition To Small Groups

OLAB 153: 3 Qualities You Need To Understand About People Outside Your Church

OLAB 152: How To Navigate Your Church Policies For Special Needs Ministries

OLAB 151: Does My Work In Children’s Ministry Really Make a Difference?

OLAB 150: 7 Tips To Effectively Use Orange Curriculum

OLAB 0149: Why Combining Influences At Your Church Is Better For Kids

OLAB 148: 3 Ingredients for Building The Faith Of The Next Generation

OLAB 147: The Two Types of Leaders Every Child Needs

OLAB 146: 3 Elements of Every Phase in a Child’s Life

OLAB 145: Why Your Ministry Needs A Champion

OLAB 144: What The Church Should Take And Avoid from Corporate Culture

OLAB 143: Being A Self-Aware Leader

OLAB 142: 5 Reasons Your Team Isn’t Embracing Your New Idea

OLAB 141: Changing Before You Have To

OLAB 140: How To Chart A New Course In Your Ministry

OLAB 139: A Senior Leader’s Perspective On Conflict Management

OLAB 138: 4 Tips To Wisely Take Risks In Ministry

OLAB 137: The Most Effective Way To Lead Your Team

OLAB 136: 5 Keys To Navigating Change

OLAB 135: Small Group Leaders Are Pastors Too

OLAB 134: Say Less To Have More Impact

OLAB 133: Parents And Small Group Leaders Are A Child’s Dream Team

OLAB 132: Why Kids Need More Than Just Their Parents

OLAB 131: The One Thing Every Kid Needs The Most

OLAB 130: Measuring Your Church’s Success On Social Media

OLAB 129: How Your Church Can Equip Your Community

OLAB 128: Three Essential Ways To Identify God’s Vision

OLAB 127: The Art Of Showing Appreciation For Your Team

OLAB 126: How To Lead Difficult Team Members

OLAB 125: How Do You Know When It’s Time To Leave?

OLAB 124: Overcoming Self-Sabotage

OLAB 123: Thinking Inside the Box

OLAB 122: Delegation – The Secret Sauce to Effective Leadership

OLAB 121: Caring For Your Team Matters

OLAB 120: How to Explain Orange to Your Volunteers

OLAB 119: What’s Unique About Partnering With Orange

OLAB 118: Launching Orange Over Time

OLAB 117: How to Freshen Up Your Ministry This Spring

OLAB 116: Surfing On Change

OLAB 115: Married and in Ministry – Are You Having Serious Fun?

OLAB 114: How to Leverage More Opportunities in Student Ministry

OLAB 113: Prioritizing Relationships in Your Small Group Culture

OLAB 112: Consistency – The Key To Transforming Your Ministry

OLAB 111: The Secret Weapon in Every Kids Ministry

OLAB 110: How Your Church Can Effectively Use Twitter

OLAB 109: 4 Ways To Help A Kid Through A Crisis

OLAB 108: Finding The Best Role For A Volunteer

OLAB 107: Creating An Effective Church Facebook Strategy

OLAB 106: The Problem With Perfect Family Pictures

OLAB 105: 6 Must-Have Elements For Every Church Website

OLAB 104: Why Does Your Church Need A Communications Plan?

OLAB 103: How Not To Follow Up With Church Guests

OLAB 102: Controlling Crazy

OLAB 101: How To Clarify, Cast, And Multiply Vision

OLAB 100: Making the Shift

OLAB 099: Act Like Every Parent You Meet Is Coming To Your Church This Sunday

OLAB 098: The Power Of A Bigger Story

OLAB 097: The One Thing That Shapes How You Treat Families

OLAB 096: Strategy, Not Curriculum

OLAB 095: Should Your Church Have A Blog?

OLAB 094: Your Mission Begins With You

OLAB 093: Inspiring Others To A Greater Good

OLAB 092: The Real Power Of Our Testimony

OLAB 091: Leaky Vision? You May Lack One Of These 3 Components.

OLAB 090: How To Set And Achieve Personal Goals

OLAB 089: Why Deuteronomy 6 Matters

OLAB 088: 10 Practical Ways To Partner With Parents

OLAB 087: 5 Compelling Reasons To Attend A Conference

OLAB 086: 7 Things People Don’t Have Time For

OLAB 085: Viewing Transition Through Three Lenses

OLAB 084: What Exactly Is NextGen?

OLAB 083: How To Inspire Leaders To Show Up

OLAB 082: Reactivating Parents Every Year

OLAB 081: Practices And Principles To Give Our City Kids A Place To Belong

OLAB 080: How To Influence Whoever Has The Influence

OLAB 079: 5 Ways To Communicate With A Diverse Audience In Mind

OLAB 078: How To Keep Staff And Leaders On The Same Page

OLAB 077: 4 Strategies For Retaining Small Group Leaders

OLAB 076: Transitioning To An Orange Strategy In A Denominational Setting

OLAB 075: 9 Tips For Email Communication With Parents

OLAB 074: A New Kind Of Startup Church

OLAB 073: Embracing The Huge Potential Of Parents

OLAB 072: Volunteer Recruiting Made Easy?

OLAB 071: Welcoming Children With Special Needs On Any Sunday

OLAB 070: Why Every Phase of a Child’s Life Matters

OLAB 069: Moving People to Service

OLAB 068: How Audacious Leaders Raise Money

OLAB 067: 3 Simple Ways You Can Impact Your Community With a Live Event

OLAB 066: 2 Reasons and 6 Ways to Make Marriage Events the Best Entry Point Into Your Church

OLAB 065: How Physical, Mental and Cultural Changes Affect Kids

OLAB 064: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Navigating Tough Issues

OLAB 063: How One Church Body Responded to a Community’s Needs by Not Building a Church

OLAB 062: Providing Freedom for Connection and Creativity

OLAB 061: Teaching Our Children the Value of Community Engagement

OLAB 060: Do You Know Your Neighbors?

OLAB 059: 5 Ways to Build Celebration Into the Rhythm of Your Ministry

OLAB 058: The Power of Story as an Ongoing Celebration of Ministry

OLAB 057: Setting Up A Counseling Center At Your Church

OLAB 056: Budgeting From Vision

OLAB 055: Remaining S.T.U.R.D.Y in a Tug-of-War Reality

OLAB 054: Reminders Required: 2 Reasons to Re-Vision Parents

OLAB 053: A “Win” May Not Look Like You Think It Does

OLAB 052: Gaining a Perspective on Failure

OLAB 051: How One Orange Church Served Its Community Via the Juvenile Court System

OLAB 050: What It Takes to Lead the Next Generation

OLAB 049: How to Evaluate Your Church Culture

OLAB 048: Are Your Systems Causing Ministry Silos?

OLAB 047: How to Create a Transformational Culture

OLAB 046: 5 Qualities of an Amazing Small Group Leader

OLAB 045: Six H’s of Self-Evaluation

OLAB 044: Stop Apologizing

OLAB 043: 5 Reasons It Makes Sense to Have a Separate Middle School Ministry

OLAB 042: 5 Ways to Know Small Groups Are Working

OLAB 041: Starting a Kids Worship Team

OLAB 040: Getting Unstuck From Depression

OLAB 039: From Silos To One Family Ministry

OLAB 038: Sexual Integrity Through the Phases: Helping Parents Navigate Sexual Integrity

OLAB 037: Leading Not Normal Volunteers

OLAB 036: Tips For Structuring A Volunteer Team

OLAB 035: Calling Over Comfort: 3 Honest Questions

OLAB 034: 3 Things We Need When God Calls Us to Shift Directions

OLAB 033: Volunteer Structures: The Tension Between Quantity And Quality

OLAB 032: Four Ideas For Casting Vision To Parents

OLAB 031: 7 Questions Every Kidmin Leader Needs To Ask Themselves To Grow

OLAB 030: 12 Cultural Trends Church Leaders Can’t Ignore (But Might)

OLAB 029: Five Things Small Group Leaders Should Say To Parents

OLAB 028: Change Is Coming. Are You Willing?

OLAB 027: Evaluating Yourself as a Leader

OLAB 026: How to Affect the Future of the Next Generation

OLAB 025: Make Your Volunteers Feel like a Million Bucks

OLAB 024: Explaining Orange To A Volunteer

OLAB 023:What Does A Healthy Volunteer Culture Look Like?

OLAB 022: How to Start Managing Your Time Better Beginning Today

OLAB 021: 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Let Your Kids Figure out Faith on Their Own

OLAB 020: What Happens When Parents and Kids See Youth Group as an Elective?

OLAB 019: Tips For Training VBS Volunteers

OLAB 018: How To Develop A Culture Of Worship In Your Church

OLAB 017: Volunteer, You Are The Awesome Secret Sauce

OLAB 016: Reasons Parents in Your Church Don’t Get It

OLAB 015: How To Really Partner With Schools

OLAB 014: Do Your Volunteers Know You Care?

OLAB 013: What Does It Mean To Partner With Parents?

OLAB 012: Negative Attitudes Toward Church And How We Can Change Them

OLAB 011: 3 Essentials In Leading Through Change

OLAB 010: How To Utilize High School Students As Volunteers

OLAB 009: Creating A Healthy Volunteer Culture

OLAB 008: 7 Ways To Care For Small Group Leaders

OLAB 007: 5 Tips For Leading The Church Toward Family Ministry

OLAB 006: 5 Steps To Connecting And Training New Volunteers

OLAB 005: 5 Things That Won’t Make Your Church Grow (Despite What You May Think)

OLAB 004: This Is One Thing You Don’t Want Kids To Miss

OLAB 003: Casting Vision To Volunteers

OLAB 002: Developing Volunteers Into Leaders

OLAB 001: 4 Essential Ingredients Of An Orange Church

OLAB 000: What Is An Orange Leader? (An Introduction to the Orange Leaders Audio Blog)


Orange is a division of The reThink Group, a nonprofit organization providing resources and training to help churches maximize their influence on the spiritual growth of the next generation. To “Think Orange” means that you believe that the Church and home can have a greater influence on the faith of kids and teens by working together, rather than separately. It’s the strategy introduced by Reggie Joiner and the Orange team that thousands of churches around the world have used to build and grow successful family ministries for almost two decades.

The Orange Leaders Audio Blog helps family, youth and children’s ministry leaders influence the faith and character of kids and teenagers.

Five days a week, Monday through, Friday, we will share the best strategies, tips and ideas from the Orange Leaders online blog. Each episode will cover relevant family ministry topics with posts from leaders like Reggie Joiner; Carey Nieuwhof; Kristen Ivy; Adam Duckworth; Sue Miller; Mike Clear; Jim Wideman; Dan Scott; Meaghan Wall; Frank Bealer; Dr. Jim Burns; Yancy Richmond; Nick Blevins; Brooklyn Lindsey; Geoff Surratt; and Kenny Conley. Like you, each guest contributor is an Orange Leader – someone who passionately engages both the church and families to influence the next generation.

As an Orange Leader, you are part of an incredible, global community helping kids have a better future. We are for you and the development of your leadership in ministry. For additional resources and episode transcripts, visit


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