Your OS: Because Together is Better

If we could sit down and have a coffee chat (one of our favorite things to do) we would talk of what’s happening in ministry in your church. Each church has many amazing stories of God’s faithfulness.   Sharing the ministry hills and wins is part of ministry. We would stop to celebrate what’s happening.


We’d talk of things that are a bit blurry for your ministry now. What are hills that seem like mountains? We’d talk of other ministries who had similar challenges, and are now on the other side. We could pray about the challenges, and thank God that He who has called us to this role is faithful. Together is better.


We’d chat through how partnering with your volunteers, church staff and families is going.   What next steps can you take to increase the influence you have in kids lives all week long? These are key influences for effective ministry. Everyone on the same page is big. Areas working autonomously won’t be as effective. Why? Together is better.


Connecting with others who do what you do is important. It tells you that you are not crazy for doing what you do. It let’s you see that your world of long hours (though a volunteer or part time) are shared by many others.   Talking with others in your corner helps you to see the shoreline when you are out on the water. We’re all in this together to impact families. It’s another reason why together is better.


You have some unique things happening in your ministry area. Don’t hold back. Share those great ideas with others.   Share them. They become encouragement for others. God is doing some amazing stuff in local churches. Together is better!


Do you have a question stirring in your ministry right now? Is there a problem you haven’t figured out how to solve yet? Submit it to our Orange Specialist team through this new form and we’ll either answer it on this blog or contact you directly.

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