What’s New: Get Reel 2.0

So, by now, you may have heard that Get Reel has been going through some renovations. Well, we are now ready to reveal those renovations that will be a part of the September Get Reel 2.0 release, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

So, what’s different? First of all, the purpose. As we started redeveloping Get Reel, we realized that there was some confusion about what it is supposed to accomplish. So, we decided to clarify that. The videos found in Get reel 2.0 are designed to be used in multiple environments: 252 Large Group, 252 Family Experience, and even in your adult worship service. Remember, part of the Orange Strategy is helping the church partner with parents better, so we don’t want you to think of these videos as “kids” only.

Second, we have deliberately attached each video to one of the Five Faith Skills we try to teach in our 252 curriculum. By connecting each video with a certain faith skill we hope to directly and indirectly stress the importance of these five basic building blocks to a family’s faith. Here’s a list of the videos and a brief description of what they are and what faith skill they address.

Discovery NEW – (Navigate the Bible) This is a 60,000 foot view of the four Bible stories that will be taught throughout the month. Join our host as he (quite literally) steps into the Bible to see how God’s character is revealed to us throughout scripture, and stresses how important it is for us to let God do some amazing works in us and through us.

Check out the September Discovery video to see what we mean:

One Thing NEW – (Articulate your Faith) Each “One Thing” video will focus on one person’s personal experience about discovering one thing about God and/or the character of God that they never knew before.

Dear God – (Dialogue with God) Sharing your feelings, fears, hopes, dreams, successes, failures—well, everything with God is a huge part of growing closer to Him. In “Dear God,” we see kids journaling, writing, and praying to God as they reflect on decisions they have made or will have to make in their life.

Live Loud NEW – (Worship with Your Life) Sometimes we think that worship is something we do on Sunday morning. Sometimes we think that worship is just singing. Well, we attempt to diffuse that idea with Worship with Your Life by challenging kids to realize that your entire life can be an act of worship. How we live our lives brings glory to God just as much as the amazing songs we get to sing.

Third, we’ve got some added bonus features in the new Get Reel 2.0 that we hope will help you create the children’s and family environments at your church:

  • Themed Motion graphic slides
  • Three original 10-second Countdown videos
  • Original pieces of transition music
  • Three M.C. Haggis videos highlighting each month’s widget.

Really, there’s a lot to be excited about. So, if you’ve never used Get Reel or if you have always been curious about it, there’s no better time to get it than now. This July, go to our store and purchase the new and improved Get Reel 2.0. It’s another step in the Orange direction.

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