What Does It Mean To Partner With Parents?

by Rachael Sibcy

As ministry leaders, we cannot deny that partnering with parents is a big need in our churches. But, what does this actually look like? How do we make parents feel like they are being partnered with, versus solely expressing the strategy that it’s what we desire to do? Partnering with parents looks different for every mom and for every dad. Because of this, we must find their parent-partnering language!

Think, Gary Chapman, “love languages.” Just as a husband and wife can feel loved and appreciated through different love languages, each parent will sense our parent/church partnership differently. I have walked alongside one mom who enjoys coming by my office. She feels like she has a partner when I share my time with her, reinforcing my observations on her being a thoughtful and amazing mom. She also appreciates when I take the time to tell her about myself. I have found that this mom needs to be affirmed in addition to being able to trust me.

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