Volunteer Structures: The Tension Between Quantity And Quality

Our friend, Nick Blevins, shared this story on the Orange Leaders blog. Have you ever experienced something similar?

It was summer and volunteer recruitment for fall was in full swing. Our elementary director was looking for some five-star recruits like it was National Signing Day. She was talking with a mom who we thought would make a great small group leader. In the conversation, she made it clear that small group leaders serve every week. It’s non-negotiable. Sure, people will miss here and there for various reasons and we change things up in the summer, but it’s a weekly role during the school year.

The mom decided she was too busy to commit to that and walked away after their conversation ended. We understood. The small group leader role in our elementary ministry is part of an overall structure of different teams and roles, and that role meant a weekly commitment.

Nick goes on to describe the tension between quantity and quality in volunteer recruitment. Then he gives four steps to shift toward higher quality volunteers. Click here to read his suggestions.

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