Volunteer Pre-Service Pep Talk for May 26

Sunday mornings are like game day for children’s ministry. Just like any good coach, gather your team of volunteers for a pre-game pep talk. Answer any questions about the curriculum and ask for prayer requests. Then read the following devotion to kick the morning off:

Have you ever run a race and been tempted to quit before you reached the finish line? It helps to focus on the cheers from the crowd and the momentum of fellow runners so that you can finish strong. When it comes to running the race of life, we need to make sure our focus remains on the person of Jesus. He is the one who can help us when we’re discouraged to keep going. After all, there isn’t any pain or hardship or struggle we might face that Jesus didn’t also endure. He went all the way to the cross for you to secure your salvation. So the next time you’re tempted to throw in the towel, think about facing the challenge head on with perseverance and [Bottom Line] keep going because of what Jesus did for you.

Lead your team in prayer and have a great Sunday!
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