Volunteer Pre-Service Pep Talk for January 22

Sunday mornings are like game day for children’s ministry. Just like any good coach, gather your team of volunteers for a pre-game pep talk. Answer any questions about the curriculum and ask for prayer requests. Then read the following devotion to kick the morning off:

One of the three BIG truths we want kids to know when they walk out of our ministries into middle school or junior high is: “I need to make the wise choice.” God doesn’t just want our kids to do the right thing. He wants them to do the WISE thing. Remind your kids this week that wisdom, the ability to look at the choices in front of you and make the best one, only comes from God. And His word is like a big gift given to us to show us how to make the best decisions. Because discovering what God says helps you make the wise choice!
Lead your team in prayer and have a great Sunday!
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