VBS: More than Event Planning, Make it Intentional

by Rebekah Bullard


A few months ago, in a conversation with another ministry leader, I asked, “How does your church do VBS?” Her response caught me off guard. She said, “We don’t. I am not as brave as you.”

I was taken back because, in my experience, VBS was seen as a non-negotiable staple in our calendar planning. As I replayed this interaction in my mind, I put on my critical thinking hat to empathize with her thought process.

There are many reasons why she may have responded this way:

  • Time and Resources
  • Cost Investment
  • “Asks” of People
  • Buy In from Leadership
  • Poor Past Experiences
  • Ministry Burnout

Do any of those roadblocks hit home with you, too?

Vacation Bible School is a long time tradition in the church, and at one time the “bread and butter” of most children’s ministries. As the leaders in today’s churches, we are also chosen to steward the vision of ministry to kids and families by constantly evaluating the effectiveness of all the programming we do.

There is too much at stake in our ministries today to keep any event or program around just for the sake of having it.


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