Spreading Commitment

We have all heard the phrase spread the joy, right? But what if we tried to spread the Commitment?  This month in 252 world we are discussing the life app of Commitment. Making a plan and putting it into practice.  This is not coincidental that we placed this in the month of January!  According to an article by Business Insider more than 80 % of New Year’s Resolutions will fail by Feb. Some of the most common resolutions that people make are diet & exercise, better time management, save money, learn a new language, and or get a new job.

Do you make a new year’s plan for your ministry? What about for your volunteers? What smart goals are you thinking through?  If you have made New Year’s Commitments in the past were you able to stick to them?

Here are three ways you can spread the Commitment.

Be Committed– Model commitment to your volunteers. Be committed to the mission of your church! Be committed to your pastor. It can be as simple as sending them a weekly text with a prayer or word of encouragement. Show up on time and be prepared for trainings, events, and weekend services. Stay connected to what’s happening in the adult service and children’s services. We model what we want repeated.
Be Intentional– Ask your volunteers what ways they desire to grow spiritually in the next year and help them put an action into plan. Partner them together with another volunteer for accountability.  Give them the Calendars in advance and encourage them to set reminders. This requires you to work ahead and think strategically but you’re a rock star so I know you can do it.
Be Honest- Keeping a level of authenticity with your team can go a long way. You can create a sense of trust and that can help lead to a deeper level of commitment across the board. If you made a mistake own It and it will allow others to own up to their mistakes also. If your plans fail talk about it! I love the phrase sometimes you win and sometimes you learn! Be open and honest and continue pointing to Christ!

What goals and commitments has God placed on your heart this month? Make sure to check in with your OS they just might have a tool to help your plan succeed!

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