Social Media Plan starting Feb. 4th

Here is the Social Media Plan for influencing parents to have offline conversations with their kids. If you missed the first post explaining what that is then click here. The following information will be 6 tweets, 3 Facebook posts with 2 Facebook Timeline photos, 2 pictures for Instagram, and 2 articles to pin on Pinterest. Feel free to use any and all of this information but also don’t feel tied to these updates word for word. These are simply examples that you could copy and paste if you wanted or you can add your own personality. These posts should start going out on Monday Feb. 4th and follow this social media plan. If you have any questions, suggestions, or even content that other people can use to help influence parents for this week then please leave your comments below the post.



  • Monday: Your child learned yesterday at church about Peace. Ask them what that means.
  • Tuesday: At dinner tonight ask: When was the last time you chose not to fight when you had the chance?
  • Wednesday: A good reminder: Bridging the Gap
  • Thursday: At bedtime tonight: Tell a story about getting messy and having fun.
  • Friday: Parents, here is a video explaining what we are talking about his month:
  • Saturday: The Challenges of Child Centered Parenting



Possible Timeline Photos for your Facebook Page in February:




  • Monday:
    • Your child learned yesterday at church, Be the one who keeps doing what is right.
    The picture looks like this:

  • Thursday:One of the best ways to show someone that they are more important to you than whatever you are fighting about, is to make them a pie. There is no better way to ensure peace than a sweet, gooey, pie. So next time you are in an argument, remember this simple recipe and choose peace instead of winning the argument!Ingredients:2 cups cold milk

    2 packages chocolate instant pudding

    6 oz. Oreo pie crust

    8-oz. whipped topping


    How To:

    Pour milk into a large bowl. Add dry pudding mixes and beat with wire whisk for 2 minutes. (Mixture will be thick.)

    Spoon 1 1/2 cups of the pudding onto the bottom of the crust. Gently stir half of the whipped topping into remaining pudding — it will be lighter than the first layer.

    Spread lighter pudding mixture evenly over darker layer in crust; top with the remaining whipped topping. Refrigerate 3 hours, or until set. Sprinkle with your favorite chocolate garnish, if you like. Enjoy!



Here are 2 possible Instagram Photos for you this week:


Here is what your kids are talking about this month.



Walk away from a fight




2 articles to pin this week

  1. A good reminder: Bridging the Gap
  2. The Challenges of Child Centered Parenting
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