Social Media Plan for Elementary Parents Starting September 15

These posts are designed to review the lesson, so plan for them to appear in your ministry’s social media accounts after you’ve taught the lesson in your ministry.

Also, if you share social media accounts with other ministries in your organization, coordinate with them to develop a plan for when to schedule posts and how to designate the intended audience.

If Pampers and Goldfish are more your speed, check out our First Look blog for the social media plan to connect parents with preschoolers:

Or if you are surrounded by boy bands and learners permits, try our social media plan for connecting parents and students at:

Possible Kids Facebook Timeline Photos for September:

Possible PreTeen Facebook Timeline Photos for September:

Sunday: Visit to learn more about how you can help your kids learn more about trusting God this month.

Monday Kids: Yesterday, we remembered that when life doesn’t make sense, we can trust God is with us.
Monday Preteen: Yesterday, we asked: When is it hard to trust God?

Wednesday: At dinner tonight, ask: What makes God trustworthy?

Thursday Kids: Even when life doesn’t make sense, we can trust that God is there.
Thursday Preteen: What makes it hard to trust God?


Friday: At bedtime, read Genesis 40. Pray that you’ll trust God is with you and at work, even if the things that you expect and plan for don’t work out.

Saturday: Sing a song about trust with us. Visit & click 252 Music to sing along!

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